Impacted Tooth Exposure

Most of the time teeth will follow a path of eruption into the oral cavity during growth and development of the jaw. At times, there may not be enough room in the mouth to allow for a tooth to erupt past the gums. The most common teeth to become impacted are the canines and wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth are often recommended for removal, regardless of impaction. But canine teeth are important to the bite and function of the mouth. Dr. Dhesi will work together with your Orthodontist to help the tooth come into the arch.

Canine Impaction

Canines are usually the last teeth to erupt into the oral cavity. If there is an issue with dental crowding, their eruption may be impeded. Dr. Dhesi will take a 3-D X-ray to determine the position of the impacted tooth. Your orthodontist will create the space for the canine, and Dr. Dhesi will surgically expose the tooth and attach a bracket from the canine to the arch wire to help guide it down with elastics.

If you or your child has an impacted tooth, Dr. Dhesi will work with your referring dentist or specialist to formulate a treatment plan for you. Dr. Dhesi looks to caring for you and your family.