Full Arch Restoration

Full arch restoration is an excellent way to rehabilitate patients who are missing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth or have multiple teeth that are failing. The benefit of full arch restoration is that it often does not require additional grafting and patients can have a completely new smile in a short amount of time, with very little down time.

If you are a candidate for a full arch restoration, four or more implants can be positioned in either the upper or lower jaw (or both) to support a temporary but fixed set of teeth. After the initial healing period that lasts from several weeks to several months, a permanent set of teeth will be made.

There are numerous benefits from full arch restoration including:

  • Immediate results
  • Permanent, no more removable dentures, no more adhesive
  • Faster healing, because you do not require extensive grafting.
  • Improved self esteem

Full arch restoration may be the solution for you if you are missing multiple teeth. We encourage you to call our office in Calgary, AB to schedule a consultation. Dr. Dhesi will meet with you to discuss your case and customize a treatment plan that is right for you.